The closest you have ever come to paradise.

Corumbau means "distant place" in the Pataxó native language and owes its name to a wide sand point that stretches out into the sea, where the horizon seems to fade away and one can almost touch the infinite.

In fact, one can even say that Corumbau is the beginning of an unforgettable trip.

A beach of white sand and crystalline water that is 15 km long (1,5 km facing the farm), with a vast grove of nut palm trees on the seaside. There is even a long coral reef formation that stretches out approximately 10 km into the sea and disappears as the tide rises. Crags and different shades surround the waters creating a magnificent spectacle of nature.

The reserve Pataxó is right on the other side of the Corumbau river, where you can visit and be fascinated by their culture and tradition, not to mention the great variety of unique items hand-crafted by the natives in the village.

Land roads, rare species of birds and virgin vegetation have survived time and were preserved by the local inhabitants, mostly fishermen.

Seafood and fish always fresh come straight from the fishing boats of the inhabitants of the local village to supply the Fazenda São Francisco do Corumbau.

Sun, beach and mild climate all year long; the weather in Corumbau is typical of the Northeast region of Brazil.

The doors of paradise are wide open for you.